Thursday, October 4

29 years old

Yesterday Korey turned 29!! whew, he's finally as old as me and I can stop listening to the "you're such an old lady" stuff that I have been listening to for the last 8 months :)
I tried to do "we heart daddy" on the kiddos didn't quite turn out like I had hoped, but the twinnies kept crawling away when I put them on the ground and I had a very hard time keeping all their feet "up" while sitting on the bench :) I'm just incredibly thankful that my husband appreciates the thought behind it and my heart more than presents :)
 To celebrate we took the kiddos and drove down to a friend's house and picked out some pumpkins. It was such a fun little time :)

 I'm so thankful that God blessed Korey with 29 years on this earth and I pray that he'll have many more that we'll all get to share with him! 

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