Saturday, October 13

kitty fights

I've never seen a 10 month old get into a fight before, but I'm guessing that's because I've never had 2 10 month olds at the same time :) The m&m's have been so cute with their little spats (or kitty fights, as I like to call them) and I managed to get one on camera...does that make me a bad mom for taking pictures, instead of fixing it?? ;) I'm guessing this is a small picture of what we're in for - big time- as the girls get older! 
the aggressor pushes her sister to the ground and takes her place (Maelle this time, but it very well could have been Maysen- they tend to take turns) :)
then she sort of feels bad that she's crying and thinks about her actions...
 comes to her sister's aid with a hug and tries to make it all better
then pleads her case with mom "seriously, I"m so cute, how can you be mad at me" works every time- how could I??
then she rubs her sister's head as they fall asleep all snuggled up in bed :)
Ever seen that movie "white Christmas"?? well, it's a musical (so, of course, my husband would never watch it) ;) but it's about 2 sister's and one of the songs they sing says, "God help the mister who comes between me and my sister, but God help the sister who comes between me and my man" I totally feel like the m&m's are going to be like that with everything- hopefully not guys, but who knows what the future may hold, as far as drama, for us with 3 girls so close in age in the same house...yikes!! enough to make all the sleepless nights seem like peanuts compared to the teenage years....

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