Tuesday, October 23

a few little somethings

our little m&m's have been a riot lately, so I wanted to give you a little showing of what they've been up to. I had a video of them playing together, but go figure- I can't seem to find it...that's the kind of day I've been having! Our sewer backed up, Jackson has been crying about everything and anything, Maysen just wants to be held and Maelle and Hailey are feeling a little left out of all the action :) so, needless to say- this momma is enjoying some good "downtime" with her Bible and some apple cider (thanks to some leftovers from a mommy spa night at my house last night- which is probably what got me through today- all the laughter and good fellowship we enjoyed- not to mention the cute finger and toenails that I painted) :) Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I've been enjoying these precious girls, lately!! 

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