Thursday, October 18

a little bit of crazy...

never hurt anyone, right??!!
"Checking the ads, making a menu, looking on pinterest for some inspiration. Oh, this momma is heading out grocery shopping" :) (sing to the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town) 
I guess the craziness of heading to Piggly Wiggly this morning with the 4 kids is getting to me...I was singing this song to myself on the way home ;) 
Lately I've had a few more trips to stores with my four kiddos and most of the time we've had a fairly good time! It requires a lot of planning, a lot of patience, a lot of "I don't care what anyone thinks of me", a lot of only needing a few small items (there's not much room left in the cart or patience to look for too many things with all 4 of them), and a lot of timing required to make it work well, but surprisingly the more we do it the easier it gets! Hailey and Jackson are actually fairly easy- as long as I can keep them contained and/or not really care if they run a little wild around the stores. And the m&m's are fairly easy, long as we have a shorter list or only one store to go to. They get a little tired of sitting in the cart in the front seat together or they get antsy and try to climb out- which isn't such a big deal, as long as we're at Sam's Club- where they have double seats and 2 seat belts, but it gets tricky and difficult when there's only one seat belt it doesn't fit around the 2 of them anymore! (I do more often buckle Maelle in and leave Maysen unbuckled, because she's a little more apt to try to crawl out than her sister, but they've both been known to do it) 
(I took these pics with my phone- so, forgive the "bad" quality) 

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