Tuesday, October 9

memorable moments...

we've all been kind of sick and cranky around here lately, so we've just sort of "played" the days away and it's been fun and memorable. It's really too bad that life gets in the way of playtime...the laundry is starting to pile up, the basement looks like the toys exploded, the kitchen and dining room floors are so in need of some tlc that I'm pretty sure even Allie is afraid of them, so I know that today needs to be a day of cleaning and re-organizing and taking back the house...but, it was fun while the fun lasted :) (and, lets hope that the kids are also feeling a little better so that I can get some work done without 4 crying, whiny little people clinging to my legs) 
crazy little Jack- he's always doing some cute and funny thing- even when he doesn't know we're watching!
 Hailey had a good time dressing Grandpa and Daddy up as princesses :) I think that they had fun as well and, if I can say, I think they look "dashing" in their pretty garb!!
 the m&m's got in on the fun and Hailey enjoyed dressing them up, too!
 poor Jack, all he wanted to do was go grocery shopping...and he ends up stuck in the bottom of the cart...
 baby for sale?? what grocery store are those available at? :)
It's always fun to have an excuse to just sit and play and snuggle with your kiddos and I do wish it were for some other reason than they are just inconsolable and cranky, but I guess, as a mom you gotta take what you can get. Here's to healthier and "happier" days ahead :)

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