Sunday, October 28

a special time

"a special day, for just me. Jack can't come, you can't come. This is just me, right momma?" she said to me the day before she left. I think she was excited to have something that was just her; something that made her special and unique. It was special and precious of my sister to think of asking Hailey to spend the weekend at her house and I think the whole family benefited from it. With four tiny kids that are all so close in age it does get hard to make each one feel special (I'm guessing just the simple fact of having 4 kids makes it hard to make each one feel special- there are only 2 of us and 4 of them) It's been fun to see some of the pictures that Auntie Fysh has been sending over- looks like so much fun and Hailey has a big, big smile on her face in every one of them :) I think she's enjoying herself! 
We've also been enjoying ourselves. It's been a little quieter, a little less crazy, a little less hectic, a lot less going on, much less chatter and talking and that's been a little nice. I miss my crazy little girl with more than enough personality to go around, but it's been a nice little break from having to entertain her all day! :) Not to mention- we have all really enjoyed being able to really shower attention on Jackson. He often gets over shadowed by Hailey's amazing amount of personality and it was kind of fun to watch him flourish and have a chance to be the "big boy" all weekend long. There was a lot of truck playing and story reading. Korey and I got a babysitter and went on a date and even the babysitter enjoyed her special time with just Jack. (we put the babies down before she came) We'll all be happy to see our little Hailey come home, but, for a few days it was kind of a nice little "break" for all the kiddos to have a chance to get some one on one attention!  
 the m&m's really enjoyed all the running around they could do without their main "tattle tale" at home! They pulled toilet paper off the roll, they stole Jackson's trucks, they threw all the toys all over the house...they had a grand old time :) 
Jackson got to sleep in Hailey's bed on Friday night, because Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ben stayed with us for a night, but when it came time for a nap he desperately wanted to sleep in Kelly and Ben's bed and isn't he adorable?? He looks so tiny in that big bed!!
 the twinnies also did some pretty cute sleeping...I think Maysen was cold and climbed under Maelle to use her for a blanket ;) 
 the biggest news of the weekend is that Hailey forget her baby Fina, so Jack's been trying to take good care of her. He has taken his job very seriously and even slept with her at night to keep her from being scared :) (isn't his soft heart just so precious and sweet?) It's always good to have a little brother whose got your back, right Hailey?! :) 
It's always so nice to have a sister who loves my daughter almost as much as I do, so I don't have to feel sad while she's gone! I know that she's having the time of her life and probably only misses her mom at bedtime! :) 

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