Friday, October 12


We're starting to feel a little better around here, but we still haven't been up to much- other than snuggles and crafts at home! One great thing about Hailey and Jackson is that they love crafts...Hailey loves to take her time, make it beautiful and really work at it and Jackson loves to do it- slap some paint on the tree, throw some marker on the paper and call it good, jump down and continue on with life :) It makes me laugh how those 2 can be so un-alike. 
 Macy and Elli have just been incredibly snuggly and when they're not wanting to nurse they're just wanting me to hold them. This isn't too hard of a task for me, but it does make it a little tricky to shower without screaming babies and/or get anything else accomplished! Thankfully, today they seem to be on the mend...Maysen even slept until 9am!!! (yup, I checked on her 3x's just to make sure she was breathing) 
 Jack is a boy after his momma's own heart- he loves to wear his pj's and any day that I deem "jammie day" is a great day to him!! Not so with Hailey, though. This little girl was a born diva and loves to get dressed- especially in anything pink and frilly...not totally sure who's kid she is :) 
I'm kinda looking forward to the day when a cold just knocks our family out for a week, but I'm not sure how long that's gonna take so I feel like I'm kinda settling in and getting ready for a winter of hanging out at home doing lots of crafting and snuggling :) not sure who we're gonna give all these crafts to, though, since I know I have no more room on my fridge for them :)

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