Wednesday, October 17

sneak preview

a little tiny sneak preview of a little photo shoot that a friend took of Maysen and Maelle...
our dear friend, Sheila, is laid up with her knee and not able to take some pictures, but we had a friend that was willing and able to fill in for her :) let's just say that I love the pictures. I know you can't really go wrong, in my eyes, because I love my kiddos and think they're precious, but they're adorable :)
 she even brought them pink and purple tutu's!! whoohoo!!
 Hailey and Jack were hamming it up for the camera, too. 
 we even got a fun little family photo :) 
so glad that we have friends willing to take pictures of our girls, so that we can have so many reminders of these crazy, delightful days :)
 (mostly 'cause I'm assuming the sleep deprivation is gonna kick in soon and we're not gonna remember much of this time of our life) 

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