Sunday, October 14

we're breaking out...

lock your stores down, shut your gates, put away all breakables...the Konietzki's are leaving the house and headed for the mall :) 
ahhh! a full length mirror- what do we do??! let's make faces in it and wave to ourselves 
 oh yeah! we love lawn tactors!!
woohoo! ride 'em cowboy!!
the little m&m's were so well behaved and loved their graham crackers for supper :) 
 love, love, love this little face. I just can't get enough of it...
 our first supper out with our family of 6...we splurged and went to Taco John's :)
 eating potato ole's is so exhausting, isn't it, Jack??
such a smiley silly little girl :)
 did you notice that the m&m's have little sprouts on the top of their head for the first time?? Hailey and I did that for them this afternoon and I gotta admit that they are adorable with it! :) 
life must be getting easier and better around here, if Korey and I are willing to venture out and about with our kids :) It was definitely obvious that we don't get out much, though...the kids were so giddy and so cute and I don't think I was much better. Hailey kept saying over and over how much fun she was having playing on the toys. Both kids were running up to and hugging the "headless people" with clothes (aka- manicans). I had to basically pull myself away from the stores and was thankful that in the rush to leave I had forgotten my wallet and so had no $, definitely made it a cheap trip. :) (not that I woulda gotten much shopping to do with these 4 kids and their Dad following me around- not to mention that the double stroller doesn't fit very well in the aisles)

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