Sunday, October 21

a little bit of work...

 the weather was beautiful and we didn't have any plans, so it was a good weekend of "getting stuff done" around the Konietzki house :) We've been starting to throw around the idea of possibly selling our house soon, so there are a lot of projects that need to be completed before we even begin thinking in that direction! 
 isn't this awesome?? I don't know of any other place, except Sam's Club, where you can find a cart for 4 kids :) Definitely made shopping for some flooring for our upstairs bathroom a little easier when we weren't chasing any kids around the store :)
don't the m&m's look so happy about being here?? 
another job was going through all the baby stuff and getting rid of it all...sigh...good thing my cute little twinnies helped me out, otherwise it might have been a little sadder :) 

another project was outside work...isn't there always so much work to do outside?? We took out some "bushes" that were really small trees and trimmed up some other bushes. It definitely made our back yard look a lot better and all the kiddos enjoy being outside, so it's always fun to have an excuse to take the 45 minutes to change 2 diapers, take 2 kids potty, put 8 little socks on, find 4 little jackets, put on 4 little shoes, wrestle 2 babies into snowsuits, put 4 hats on, re-put on 2 of them over and over and over again, then chase babies so they wait until you get some shoes on to head out...only to realize that you have to go to the go outside and "play" for a little while! To be honest, I love the outside and Korey and I always have worked side by side outside, but since the twins have been born I almost dread going outside because it's just so much work and 90% of the time not worth it. 
I figured out how to get the m&m's to stop eating leaves- put mittens on their hands!! 
 sorry about Jackson being sideways, but if you could see the picture well you would see a little boy using his golf club as a chainsaw and helping Daddy trim up the lilac bushes :) He's so precious and cute! 
work truly is the best fun!
 I enjoy the weekends where we can just get some stuff done around our house, especially when it includes me and Korey working together! I really do enjoy working with him and just "doing life" with him :)

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