Wednesday, July 1

dedication day!

Sorry that these pictures are a little late...I didn't take any, so I had to wait on others to get them to me! :) I'm so thankful that Hailey is so loved, or I probably wouldn't have any pictures at all!!! (I just can't seem to remember stuff like that when it's important...I have a ton of pictures that don't mean anything, but at the important times in life I'm too busy worrying about the food, or my hair, or something along those lines!) Oh well, I guess I'm just blessed that Korey and I have siblings that pick up the slack. :)

We got Hailey dedicated on June 15th and it was such a special day. I was rather worried about her crying or doing something else up in front of church, but she was a perfect little baby!! (I guess kids can surprise you in a good way, too!!) :) This day meant so much to Korey and I and to make it even more special, our whole family came. All of our Grandparent's even made the trip. I guess that just goes to show how special this little girl really is!

We had a little party at our house after the dedication and it was super fun, too! Mel and Darlene made us super yummy pork sandwiches and we all ate too much, but it was soooo good we almost just had to! :)
Here is Hailey with her Grandpa G. She was wearing the new sunglasses that her Dad bought her for the boat!!
Kisses from Grandpa K!

Look all cool and sporty in her shades!

Here we all are, getting advice from Pastor Engle. He gives a verse to each family and ours was, Psalm 115:14,15, "May the Lord give you increase, both you and your children, May you be blessed by the Lord who made heaven and earth." At first he asked, rhetorically, if we thought that the "increase" part meant that we should have 15 children, and you know me...being unable to keep my mouth shut, I said, "yikes! I hope not!" and totally embarrassed myself! Maybe someday I will learn how to keep my mouth shut at important events!! :)
You can also see Hailey reaching for the bible. It was so cute...she just wanted to touch Pastor Engle's bible and was reaching out for him to take her, even before he was going to. I guess she just really wanted him to pray for her. I think she just knew that growing up in our family she was going to need all the prayer that she could get. ;)

Here we are before we went up, Hailey had never been in the service before and she just loved all that was going on...she loved to look around and just take it all in!
The message that Pastor Engle gave to Korey and I was so fitting and perfect for our family...he talked about God increasing our faith in Him (not our family size...thank goodness ;)) and how Hailey is on loan from Him and no matter how much we love her and care for her, she truly belongs to the Lord and as we bring her up we need to continually become more and more dependent upon Him and His sustaining power to see us through! It definitely spoke to my heart. It is something that I think I need to be reminded of almost every day, because I like to think that hailey is mine and that I need to take care of her and do things for her, when really it isn't me- it's God who she belong to and I need to just trust Him to do what is right with her. (and work on not getting in the way!)

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