Wednesday, July 15

Hailey's new jammies

Today we found a tote of clothes in the basement that were all 3-6 or 6-9 month sizes...I can't believe that I had forgotten about them. All along I had thought that I needed to buy her some more 6-9 month things, but I was way off!! She now has a ton of them. :) These jammies, though were the cutest little jammies that I think I have ever seen. They are adorable, they even have little doggies on them!

Don't you think that Korey and Hailey look alike?? When she was first born she looked a ton like me, but now I think that she is looking more and more like Korey! She has my eyes and my mouth, but the rest of her is Korey-through and through-especially her ears. Her personality is even getting to be more and more like him. She has this little goofy side to her, but she'd just rather sit and smile than anything else. :)
There is so much love between these two! I love seeing them together. We went out for ice cream and Korey was feeding Hailey on the side...her whole mouth was coverd in chocolate ice cream, but she really didn't like it! (good girl, Hailey!!) :)

I just love this little face! I can't get enough of it. It makes me smile, even if I'm makes me laugh, even when I don't want to and it makes me laugh out loud, even when there's no one else around!

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  1. both katrina and Samuel have had pjs like that and they are the cutest!
    She does have an adorable face and she is looking like korey but I see you in her too, Jenni.
    I miss little hailey-bug! Samuel has not seen her in quite some time. We will have to remedy that soon, ok?