Friday, July 3

visiting with Grandma and Great Grandma!

Korey's Mom came to Rapids on Monday to visit her Mom and she invited Hailey and I to come down to visit. So, we spent part of the day at Grandma Breit's house. It was made even more fun, because Chris, Korey's cousin, brought his little girl over and his Mom watcher her at Grandma's house while we were there. It was kind of fun to see Hailey and Taylor look at each other. Hailey is a few months older and it is pretty interesting to see the differences. Hailey is definitely more in tune with what is going on around her and pretty interested in looking at people and playing with her toys and with people, whereas Taylor is just content to sit or lay and talk. They both have big eyes, although I think that Taylor's are bigger. Which came as a huge surprise....I didn't think that you could have bigger eyes than Hailey. :) Taylor, also, is drinking juice, instead of just formula, and I was amazed at what a difference that makes in the poop. Hailey's poop really didn't start to smell until she had food, but Taylor's looks and smells exactly the same, and I'm assuming that it's because she has juice! Pretty crazy!!

Hailey playing with her Grandma K! Nothing like a grandbaby to make a grandma get on the floor and play like she's young again. :)
I don't know what the deal with that serious little face is....she looks like she's really concentrating on something- or someone!
Hailey was so interested in looking at Taylor, we couldn't even get her to look at the camera, she just wanted to see what Taylor was doing all the time!!

Taylor and Hailey on Grandma's chair!
Isn't it crazy how much of a difference two months makes?? Hailey seems like she's almost getting ready to sit up by herself and Taylor is still content to just lay back on the chair! I'm sure she'll be sitting soon, though...she's a pretty active baby! In another year it'll be even more fun to see them together!! Then they'll be able to play and interact more.

Taylor checking out Hailey. Doesn't she have the biggest eyes?? She has a cute little shock of hair right on the top of her head, too. It's just adorable! I bet they'll be putting little barrets and ribbons in it soon. It makes me jealous...Hailey's hair is so fine and thin, I don't think there'll be enough to play with for quite some time!

The sisters with their granddaughters!!
Their sons were only about 2 weeks apart and now they both have daughter's who are only a few months apart! Weird, huh?!
The proud Great Grandma! Hailey was her 4th and since Hailey's been born there have been 2 more born! So, she must have 6 now...hope I didn't forget any! (aren't you proud of my quick math skills!!) :)

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