Thursday, June 25

what I've always wanted to do...

Ever since the day that I found out I was pregnant, I've dreamed about making food for Hailey and freezing it in ice-cube trays!! I don't know why, but this small act was always that one act that struck me as being completely "motherly." Maybe it's because I can remember my own mother making food and grinding it up in her little baby food grinder and then storing peas and squash and beans and whatever else she made in little ice cube trays and then when they were frozen moving them to baggies and storing them in the freezer! So, I finally got to do this wonderful motherly task the other day and I wanted to share it all with you guys. It was so fun to grind up food and keep it for Hailey. I now have little bags of applesauce, peas, and bananas! (those are pretty much all the foods we've tried so far) I guess maybe it made me feel like I was finally a real if giving birth, middle of the night feedings, changing oodles of poopy diapers, dragging a million things with me wherever I go, and constantly putting another human being way above yourself doesn't make you feel Mom enough! :) But there is just something about being able to make food for your baby and put her in the highchair to feed her that's kind of fun. I like to watch her face as we try all these new foods and think about all the fun we're going to have in the coming years and all the things we're going to get to eat! I just hope that she develops a taste for Mexican!! maybe I can try and grind up an echilada in there...ha,ha,ha. Just Kidding. I won't try that for a while yet. :)

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