Friday, July 10

almost ready to go

Today we are headed out for our first camping adventure of the summer...and hopefully it won't be our last! I'm so excited about it that I had a hard time sleeping last night! I feel like a giddy little girl excited about Christmas morning. :) I also feel like a Mom, 'cause I've been spending the day packing and repacking and cleaning and packing some more! There's just so much more to think about with a baby. It seems like when Korey and I go, if there's something we forgot we could just go without or stop somewhere, but with Haiely it just seems like there's stuff that you really don't want to be without and there really isn't the option of just buying new stuff- her stuff is too expensive!!! So, we pretty much packed everything but the kitchen sink. This picture really doesn't do it justice, because I don't have the dog kennel, the cooler or the stroller, but I'm just that lazy and I really didn't want to bring them all inside just to take a picture. :) So, wish us luck and hopefully Hailey'll be a good girl and we'll all have a good time!! All we have left to do is take a meal over to Ben and Amanda, pack the car, hook up the boat and we'll be on the way! Maybe I can even get the car packed while Hailey is napping...if I'd get off the computer and get at it!! ;)

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