Tuesday, July 14

bathtime fun

I bought Hailey a little bath tub thing at a garage sale earlier this summer, but she really didn't like it...good thing we kept it, though, because I tried it again tonight and she loves it. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she can sit if she's supported, now and before she really couldn't. Isn't she cute, though?? I just love it! She had to take a bath because she pooped all the way up her back. It was pretty gross...I was going to pick her up and take some cute pics to celebrate her being 25 weeks on Thursday, but we never got that accomplished!! All I got was a handful of baby poop!! Pretty gross! I should have gotten in this bath with her!

she didn't really want to look at the camera, she was just too interested in looking at the bubbles and playing with them!

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