Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!

This is Hailey's first 4th of July and the day couldn't have gone better! We had a wonderful began with Hailey eating breakfast in bed- a little earlier than usual, but that's ok! Next on the docket was fishing at Mission Lake and then we were back home to our company and then we went down to the river to see the fireworks(which Hailey slept through...have you ever heard of a baby that sleeps through the fireworks??)! We had originally planned to go to the church picnic, but Korey didn't really want to go was a pretty hard thing for me to accept right away. In fact, I even entertained the idea of Hailey and I going by ourselves and leaving Korey on his own, but that idea didn't even last too long! I heard that the picnic was a success and a ton of fun, but I'm still glad that we went fishing, because each of us had a good time and I'm sure that I would have had fun at the picnic and Hailey would have, but I'm not so sure Korey would have, so it was good that we did something that each of us could have a good time doing!

Here is Hailey in the boat...she was such a good little girl, she pretty much slept the whole time that we were out there!!

Korey getting ready to catch some fish!! He caught 11 bass and a few little tiny bluegills...they weren't much bigger than minnows. :)

The blue heron that I saw. It was amazing how much wildlife was out on the lake this morning...we saw 3 loons- a mom, dad, and baby, a blue heron, a muskrat, and 2 deer! That's pretty good for a fishing trip on the 4th!!
Hailey getting a taste of watermelon from her Nani! She loved it- on the way down, but for the rest of the night she kept throwing it up!! Don't know what the deal with that is...

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