Monday, March 12

spring is in the air??

I don't know if this is true or just wishful thinking on my part, but us Konietzki's have been truly enjoying our outdoor playtime the last few days!! 
 it has led to lots and lots of mud soaked and soppy wet clothing, but it is so worth it to see how much my kids enjoy the time spent outdoors! (plus, it gave us an excuse to try out our new homemade laundry detergent...yes, that's how cheap we have become- making laundry detergent- it worked great on two muddy jackets, by the way!!) ;)
 Maelle wasn't really sure she was happy about being outside!
 but Maysen sure was :) 
 we are absolutely in love with this double stroller that friends let us borrow. It's only for carseats, so we wouldn't have bought it on our own, but it sure has come in handy when we don't want to take them out of the carseats!! 
I'm so hoping and praying that we have a nice long summer this year and that it starts soon. I'm just about going stir crazy being cooped up in the house all day long. I love my kiddos and I love being with them and playing, but we're all a little sick of just being in our house and I'm running out of creative ideas to keep both H and J occupied while I feed the m and m's! It'll be so nice when they can play outside and I can just sit out there and feed the babies or we can take walks and just enjoy the sunshine...ahhh!! 

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