Monday, March 26

4 months

our M&M's are 4 months old and here's a little bit of what they're up to:
sleeping through the night until at least 5, if not 7, on the really good days :)
sucking on their fingers and thumbs
nursing like little "fiends" and taking 6 ounces of milk when they take a bottle!
smiling like crazy
giggling and cooing at everyone- but especially each other and their siblings

 sitting really well in their bumbos...I've even been contemplating getting the jumperoo out

 really interacting with one another- holding hands, cooing at each other and just generally being a lot happier when together! I think this is my favorite part about having twins so far. They just really do like each other and have a calming presence for each other that is just beyond comprehension! I don't know if I will ever stop marveling at the fact that when one is crying, I can generally put the other one down by her and she immediately settles down- amazing!! 
we're all just loving this new stage with Maysen and Maelle
I still can't believe that I have been blessed with twins- how lucky can one mom get to have 4 amazing and super cute kids?! :)

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