Wednesday, March 7

par for the course...

I don't even honestly know what par for the course means, but it's something Korey and I have been saying a lot about our lives, lately, and I thought I'd share some of the funnier ones with you:
it's par for the course that you spend 40 minutes getting your kids dressed to go outside and only 5 minutes actually playing outside!
 finally cajoling one child to fall asleep just as another one wakes is par for the course over here...
as is having all 4 kids sleep at the same time only when we have someone else in the house
par for the course is also that the only time mommy falls asleep nursing one baby and cuddling the other one is the day that she has errands to run...
par for the course is that my daughter looks like my sister but acts exactly like me! 
the fact that Korey comes home right away from work on the "good" days, but works until 7 or 8 or 9 on the "bad" days is just one more par for the course around here and doesn't even shock me anymore
par for the course is that the morning goes great, we have grand ideas and plans for dinner, get a cake made and life falls apart so we end up having scrambled eggs and chocolate cake
par for the course is that the minute your back is turned and you think your kids are playing nicely they're getting into trouble...such as eating pens...
 par for the course is that when you put cabinets locks on all your cabinets, save one, they will find that one cabinet and take your microwave popcorn, reach their little fingers into the cabinet that you did lock, take out the scissors, cut open the bag of popcorn and smear it all over your freshly washed dining room floor!
and, it's also par for the course that they're doing this as you're downstairs cleaning up a baby that had a blow out poop and the couch she had it on! 
par for the course is that my 3 year old doesn't nap anymore 
par for the course is that when Korey and I were first married people joked with us about how much we slept and needed to go to bed early and now we're lucky if we get a solid 6 hours a night
par for the course is when you go to the gym, take an extra change of clothes for everyone but your 3 year old and she has an accident
par for the course is that when you have twins, everyone comes to their baby dedication and you have 0 time to do your hair or your makeup and you don't even care!! (and you wear a long dress because you didn't have time to shave your legs)
par for the course is that when all your kids are behaving and having a somewhat decent day your dog will run away and you will get not 1, but 2 calls from your concerned neighbors (and I have a cell phone- how do they know my # ??) and have to leave your 3 children and take 1 on a search for the stupid dog!  
par for the course is that this weekend I was telling my brother about how you need to teach kids to nap and kinda bragging about how well my girls nap and for the last two days they have barely napped and if they have they've screamed themselves to sleep!! 
par for the course is the fact that the minute you get anywhere your daughter will inevitably have to use the restroom and if she doesn't you will! 
par for the course is one day I'll have more than enough milk to feed both of my girls and the next day I have to give them two bottles
par for the course is that at one point in our life Korey and I weren't sure if we would ever have children and that thought brought us both to tears
par for the course is that both Korey and I agree that we are done having kids and can barely handle the 4 we have but neither of us seem willing to bring ourselves to take the plunge to make it a permanent decision...
par for the course is also that I started this blog at 5 am and am now, finally, getting back to it at 2:45pm! :)
par for the course for our family is that Korey and I are exhausted, we're worn out, we're physically and emotionally spent each and every day caring for and nurturing our 4 children, but we are having the time of our lives. Our marriage is at one of the best spots and we are truly enjoying our time together- even if it just involves laughing at our kids antics, cleaning up the house together, taking a drive or making dinner! We appreciate each other more, we support each other more and we desperately need each other more- because each of us knows that neither of us could handle this brood on our own! :) 

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