Monday, March 19

Jackson Ray

my little Jack-Jack is acting so grown up lately and doing so much stuff that I kinda forget how young he really is...that he's so far from 2...that he's a month younger than Hailey was when he was born...that at his age Hailey had only been walking a few months, didn't have such an advanced vocabulary and still took 2 naps a day!! Isn't that crazy?? This little man seems so much more like a little boy than Hailey seemed a little girl when he was born! In fact, I remember feeling so sad that my little baby had to grow up so quickly and was so young to bring home a little brother...that thought actually makes me laugh out loud when I have it, now!! she seems downright old compared to how young Jackson was when the girls were born!! :) A lot of that, I believe, has to do with Jack having Hailey to help him out, give him a leg up when he needs it, pull him along into her trouble or play, to hold his hand and to give him the extra motivation to grow up as quick as possible. 
 He's such a little copier of his daddy! He loves anything to do with Korey...especially his tools, his truck, and his garage! I basically have to peel Jackson out of the garage to go anywhere :) He truly has been living up to his namesake- his Grandpa Ray and his Daddy! (both of whom loved/love their garage) 
 he's such a good "carrier" and walker and runner and he even tries to jump when he sees Hailey do it! favorite men...this picture just makes my heart happy
 he's a daredevil, he's fearless!
 but, he's adorable and so cute and cuddly- how did I get so lucky that all those things came in one sweet little package??
 Jack is such a little peanut. He's finally wearing clothes that he got for his birthday last year! Makes it nice for me, but not so nice for him...kinda wish the little guy would do some growing!! 
 maybe he's a future mailman in the making...whatever he becomes when he grows up I know he'll be good at it and do it with his whole heart, because Jack doesn't do anything half-way. He's just like his daddy...he's  all in when he does anything! :) 
I have a soft spot in my heart for this little boy and I don't know if it's because he's my only son or because he's so much like his Daddy...but, I do know that when Jackson was born I picked the verse Psalm 4:7b for him it says, "you have put more joy in my heart" and I had no idea what his personality was going to be or how much I would grow to love him, but that verse is truer today than it was the day he was born- he brings joy to my heart each and every day! 

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