Saturday, March 24

Happy Saturday

This is what I saw when I came up the stairs this silly kids found some bananas and decided to get themselves breakfast! :) (and apparently pants were optional) 
 Korey made Hailey a little "bag mask" yesterday and she and Jackson had so much fun playing with it and fighting over it today!! 
 poor little Jack...his sippy cup isn't far from him today! He's not feeling well- he has a cold and a canker sore in his mouth. The poor guy is just miserable!
this is Hailey's little "nest" that I created for her next to our bed- she goes there for an hour during the afternoon and plays with one of her special rest time baskets! It's AMAZING to have a little break and she is in love with it! :) 
 me and my 3 girlies got to chill on the chair after I got done feeding them this was such a sweet fun time! (good thing Korey had to come in for some water or we wouldn't have gotten this great picture) :)
 this sweet face makes me smile whenever I see it! 
 my sweet girlies are gonna be 4 months old tomorrow and I'm so proud of them- they're getting to be so grown up and so big! The best thing is that they're getting so good at sleeping and have been going to be a little earlier each night. Last night they fell asleep at 7:30 and didn't get up until 6:15! I think that's pretty amazing for 4 month olds...but, it does explain the reason why they've been eating almost every 2 hours- they're still trying to get their calories in :) 
Hope you had a Happy Saturday! 

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