Friday, March 9

a little bit of randomness

just realized I have some cute photos that really don't "go together," so I just thought I dump them all together in this post and do some random thoughts to go with them! ;) 
(what else should you expect, it's 1/4 to 6 and I just finished feeding the girls...) 
isn't this little man adorable?? hailey took this picture for us- she's getting to be quite a photographer, these days! (this was the only one that had two actual heads in it...) :) this is Jack's new favorite shirt and he wears it everyday that I let him...sometimes even two days in a row (if I have to be really honest with you)! He just loves the football on it and will go around all day pointing to his shirt and saying, "football"! 

little may-may's earrings
ellie didn't want you looking at how cute hers were...sorry! 
 isn't this just too cute?? we were headed to church the other day and I just really didn't want to have to spend a lot of time cleaning the kids up and they desperately wanted oatmeal for breakfast, so we compromised! :) And, honestly, they're pretty cute all covered in my towels! 
 sometimes at night, after a long and stressful day I look at pictures like this, or watch old videos and then I remember what makes being a stay at home mom worthwhile- moments like this!! 
 and this...we made a cake for a funeral at church and Hailey and Jack did an admirable job of helping! I love being able to pass on my love of cooking to my kids. Some of the best memories of my childhood are cooking with my Mom and Grandma and I hope that my kids will feel that way about these little moments!
 Maelle has been doing new stuff like crazy...she's a little "go-getter" (just like her Nani, her namesake) One of the cutest new things she's been doing is reaching for things- like this little Larry the Cucumber doll that Hailey gave her to play with! :) She's also been reaching for her sister and that just makes my heart melt! I tried to upload a video for you all, but was having some issues, so maybe later?! Maysen, though, just doesn't seem to really care. There was one time that they both were cooing and reaching for each other, while they were supposed to be eating, but other than that May just doesn't seem to care as much as Maelle. (which would probably explain the reason that May is a few ounces heavier than Ellie, at the moment) :) 
We had a pretty scary experience over here, yesterday...we were all getting ready to head to bible study at church and I had left Maysen downstairs with Hailey who was going potty and took Maelle and Jackson upstairs. I didn't think anything of it until a few minutes later when I heard a little thud and a small cry and found that Hailey had carried Maysen up the stairs!! Yup, you read that correctly- my 3 year old carried her 11lb sister all the way up the steps without hurting her or making her cry out at all! I just about died, grabbed both of my little girls, hugged them and cried with happiness that Maysen hadn't died on the way up, then had a little chat with Hailey about how she needs to ask mommy before she helps, again! It was, by far, the scariest moment of my life to date. I was still all rattled and shaken up by it by the time we all got in the car. God is just so gracious to me...when you put a 3 year old and a 3 month old together with steps anything is possible and I'm so thankful that the best possible outcome occurred!!  

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