Saturday, March 17

loving it...

we have ALL been loving this incredible weather! 
It's amazing how just being able to be outside in the sunshine and warm weather really has given us a better and more "positive" outlook on life! I feel like there is a lightness in my step and a peace pervading my soul these days! :) 
On Wednesday we came home from the gym, got our stuff "ready" then I sat out on the back step and fed the girls while Hailey and Jack played on the swingset and with the few toys that I managed to get out before the girls screamed to hard! 
 When I see them playing together and helping each other out and just basically enjoying each other so much I know that this "plan" for our life is definitely the best one! I know that God's plan is always the best for our lives, but sometimes its easier to see the truth than other times. Actually, the peace pervading my soul probably has a lot more to do with feeling completely and utterly in God's will than anything else! 
I'm incredibly thankful, for all my  kids sake, that I was blessed with 4 children in 34 months. I think that they will definitely reap the benefits of being so close in age and will be thankful someday! Even if today they don't like it that mommy is feeding the babies and can't push them on the swings or play with them or get them a snack or milk! :)
 When I brought Jackson home from the hospital and his sister refused to even look his way and screamed whenever I fed him Korey and I would never have believed that they would be best friends in just 18 short months! But, thankfully, God had other plans for the two of them and did give them a great relationship and a crazy funny love for each other. God definitely blessed my children by giving them a built in best friend! On Friday we went over to a friend's house, Hailey had something happen and came upstairs crying and instead of looking for me- she looked for her brother, Jack, went and got a hug from him and then was ready to go about her business like nothing had happened. It was probably one of the sweetest things I have ever encountered and it did my heart good to see them developing such a close relationship- even at the young ages of 1 and 3! 
I am absolutely in love with these two little kids (and their two little sisters) and thank God every day that He  loved me enough to bless me with them all! 

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