Wednesday, March 14


we kind of have a love affair with blankets over here...I can't really even put a blanket on the floor without 4 little kids flocking to it and sitting on it, laying on it and generally looking super cute on it! ;) 
 aren't these two girlies just absolutely adorable?? 
and their big brother, Jack?? LOVE that sweet little face
 and this beautiful little girl...ahhh, can I just tell you that these faces make my heart melt each and every day!
Hailey's been having this love affair with her pink frilly dress- she has to wear it everyday and if it's dirty then she asks me to wash it so she can wear it the next day. I'm getting a little sick of seeing her in it and I asked her not to wear it the other day and to put on a different shirt and this is what she came up with- a t-shirt over her dress! Guess I'll have to take it, huh?! ;)
 the twins watching tv :) (we're starting them early around here)
 ok, I might have staged this one, but don't they look cute?! 
Jackson can't help but pose for the camera and Hailey was just excited to be able to watch tv instead of go to bed!! :) (can you tell that her jammies are on backwards? looks kinda cute in the picture- maybe that's what she was going for!) Hailey has just been incredibly independent when it comes to clothing choices and Korey and I have just decided that it's not a fight we want to fight, so we let her just wear whatever she wants and boy, does she come up with some great stuff!! Yesterday my mom complimented her on the fact that she did actually match and she turned to me and said, "see"! (as if I had told her she didn't!! ;)) ahhh, that girl and her mouth keep us in stitches all the time!! 
 it was so nice yesterday afternoon that the older two wanted to lay in the sun and take an afternoon rest! 
 just too cute...
my kids love their blankies (or baby, as Jackson calls his) :) and I just love seeing them snuggle with them!

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