Thursday, March 8

ear piercing day

for every girl I think the act of getting your ears pierced is a big deal, too bad for Maysen and Maelle they will never remember that day. It was still a big deal, though, and a special day in our lives :) Hailey and Jackson loved it because they got a chance to go to the mall, eat a corn dog in the food court and play on the toys while the M&M's were "tortured" at Claire's boutique :) Luckily for all of us Aunty Fysh was willing to come along and that made it a lot easier! 
 being the oldest Maysen got to go first 
 she was a trooper and barely even cried (she's now sporting pink in her ears) 
 Maelle and Aunty Fysh were up next

 she was a trooper, too, but had a few more tears
(and is now sporting purple earrings- her mommy's birthstone!) 
awww...look at those sad little tears :( 
It does make it all worthwhile, though, now that I can dress them in matching clothes or both in pink and not have to worry about getting them mixed up! 
sorry, I haven't gotten a good picture of their new ears, yet, but when I do I'll put it up here so you all can see how cute they look. 


  1. Jenni,

    I was searching for my GF's blog and came across your interesting post about having the twins ears pierced.

    When I had the girls, people thought they were boys and no one could tell them apart. After one of the girls being called a boy three times in one day with pink and purple headband, I decided it was time to announce they were girls! Dh was unsure and undecided.

    I asked our ped again about having our YDD's ears pierced. She encouraged me to pierce the twins as infants. She said, it have become more popular to pierce newborns, infants and little girls ears because is safer with the newer ear piercing instruments than the traditional methods of using a needle, thread by the mother or grandmother. I was surprised at her response and told her I would think about it. Her reasoning was when mommy cares for them, there was never any problems during the healing time, but when little girls wanted them, they often failed to care for them properly.

    I was still uncertain until she gave me some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced. I put them away and thought it would be years before I needed to read them. Dh was quiet on the subject. I thought I had made my mind up to wait till they were older and endure their mistaken gender.

    Wrong. I started seeing other little babies including two in my playgroup and realized how cute babies and little girls with earrings! I yielded to pressure from my mommy intuition telling me earlier was better.

    I think you're a smart mommy for having the girls ears pierced now. I'd say if any moms reading this are unsure, go ahead, you won't regret it and your girls will look girlie girl and be adorable. you've remotely thought about it, then your mommy intuition is telling now is better.

    Write me an e-mail for our ped's tips for moms having their infant ears pierced.


  2. Congratulations on having your daughters' ears pierced when they were babies. My partner and I had both our daughters pierced at about three months old. They are now six and four years old. I am sure it is best for them to have it done when they are little and I know you will not regret your decision.


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