Friday, March 30


while Hailey was away we did "boy" play!
we looked at Daddy's big work truck!
(and waved and blew kisses at it every night before bed) 
I have a theory that boys are just born loving trucks and big might just be mine, but he sure is in love with trucks, tractors, and anything big that makes a loud noise) :) 
 we watched some "tree guys" with a big truck cut down a tree in our backyard!
 and watched, and watched and watched some more!! 
 we threw sticks for Allie
 then we helped Daddy clean up the backyard!
 we loaded lots and lots of sticks onto the trailer
 we had to get on the trailer and check all the sticks out...

 and loaded more sticks...he's such a big helper :) (and almost a cute one, too)

 Hailey came home a day early, today, because she missed her Mommy, her Daddy, May and Ellie- but, especially her little brother- Jackson!! I think she's happy to be home. And we're happy to have her here, but it was kinda special and fun to have just Jackson and the babies to play with for a few days. Even little Jack enjoyed himself and all the one on one attention- as much as he missed his sister!! 

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  1. i have the same theory about boys ;) you have one cute little helper there!
    laura gregory