Monday, August 30

It's a boy...

I did it!! I gave birth to my son, Jackson Ray Konietzki, at 2:09pm this afternoon!
It was a long painful day, but I'm sooo thankful for it- because without it I would not have this beautiful baby boy!
He's 6lbs. 12oz. and 18 1/2 inches long. Not too big; not too little- just the right size! :)
His big sister came up to visit him later this evening...she wasn't really sure what to think of him or of me or of the hospital setting, but she knew who her Daddy was and that made her happy!
Isn't he cute??
It was definitely a different birth than Hailey's...during my labor with Hailey I was able to touch her head and that was like instant love for me, but this time I didn't feel the same way- it took me a little bit to feel that same love, but it definitely got there! I would do anything- even go through labor again, just for this little man!! :) (who is sleeping very contentedly beside me in his little bassinet right now and who nursed wonderfully- for almost 30 minutes just a little while ago!)

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