Thursday, September 2

A Family of Four

It doesn't really feel like reality that we are a family of four yet...but, it sure has been a great last few days!
Hailey has really warmed up to her brother and she just loves to run in our bedroom yelling (and yes, I really mean yelling) "baby" and pointing to his cradle! :) It makes us giggle and Jackson doesn't seem to mind- he just sleeps through it.
Korey hasn't been able to spend a ton of time with his son since we've gotten home, because he's been so busy taking care of the house, the dog, Hailey, and me...but, he's snuggling with him now and doing some bonding over the Packer game! And...Jackson is awake and "watching" it with him...which is very strange- he hasn't been awake much in the last day or two, which is nice, but it makes me nervous thinking about how he's gonna do tonight...
I think I've probably had the hardest time adjusting to being a Mom of two more than anyone else...Hailey doesn't seem bothered with sharing our attention, Korey just stepped into his role of "caretaker" and has done a great job of taking care of us all, and Jackson has been a dream baby, but for some reason I have been lagging a little behind. I love being a momma and I love my new little man, but it just hasn't been the seamless transition that I sort of thought it would be. Maybe it is the baby blues...maybe it is sleep deprivation...maybe it's just me...but, for whatever reason I'm struggling a little with it! I think it may just take me some time to get used to "sharing" myself with my kids! But, for now, I'm just trying to enjoy my new family of four status! It is rather fun to think that we're now a family of four! Crazy and weird, but definitely fun!! :)

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