Tuesday, January 22

my big birthday girl

I love this sweet crazy wild girl!
she loves to have fun. loves to laugh. loves to dance. loves to make us laugh. loves attention. she's cheerful. she's funny. she's a great leader (and manipulator, but I think those two go hand in hand). she's a huge helper. she loves to take care of the babies. she loves pink and frilly dresses. she never tires of being the center of attention. she is never done having fun! The theme of her birthday was "pink, pink, pink" but it very well could have been "fun, fun, fun"!!  
and then...
The day Hailey was born will forever be a highlight of my life. Probably one of the happiest days I've ever had. Even her labor was special and different from the other 2. The minute I felt that little girls head as she crowned I fell in love with her and that love has not waned for one minute, since then. We made it through months of incessant crying, years of toddler sized tantrums, and weeks of potty accidents- all to be at the place we are, now- celebrating my precious first born's 4th birthday! 
I asked her some interview questions and here are her answers:
what's your favorite-
color- pink
animal- zebra
book- pinkalicious
tv show- mermaid
movie- dora christmas
song- my very own fuba hoop song
drink- pink lemonade
dinner- tacos
snack- crackers
clothes- dresses
game- cinderella matching
toy- mermaid princess
thing to do- play with my friends
thing to do outside- swing with my friends
place to go- coffee shop
restaurant- mcdonalds
experience- asking Jesus into my heart
who's your best friend- elianna and jayda
what do you like to sleep with- new kitty and pink puppy
what do you want to be when you grow up- mermaid
what makes you happy- friends
what makes you sad- my friends leaving
this girl cracks me up...I love her answers and can't help but smile when I read them! 
Happy Birthday, sweet cheerful princess! I love you to pieces. 

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