Saturday, January 26

14 month update

our m&m's are 14 months old!! 
I think I'll say it every month for the rest of this year, but YIKES! the time is going by too quickly! The girls are getting too big too fast!
Here's a little bit of what they're up to:
they're both done nursing and drinking whole milk from sippy cups
Maysen joined her sister in "stumbling" around the house on her feet
they're both in the middle of teething-
Macy has 5
Ellie has 6
Both girls weigh over 20 lbs and are forward facing in their carseats-woohoo for the little things that make my life a little easier :)
they're still climbing on everything and anything- Maelle the most, but Maysen is starting to get more and more adventurous
they're favorite "game" is to go in the bathroom and one of them holds the toilet seat up while the other one shoves toys into the toilet!
Macy loves to follow her sister and brother around the house- "bothering" them and trying to play with them
Ellie is definitely more of a momma's girl and tends to follow me around the house and stick close to my heels
They seem more and more like big kids, these days. They keep up with the older two a lot easier- it seems like whatever Hailey and Jackson do, the m&m's aren't too far behind!
Macy has even started going and getting her jacket and shoes and bringing them to me when it's time to cute!

Ellie really just loves to be by her sister...even if I carry Maysen in to her bed and lay her down Maelle always follows. She's not a huge fan of sleeping, but she is a huge fan of Maysen :)
speaking of sleeping- there has been a lot more playing than sleeping in their bed, these days. I think they are ready to give up their morning nap- I'm just not quite ready to give them up! So, they still sleep for about a 1/2 hour every 3rd day :)

As they show more and more of their personality, we're starting to see how much like Hailey, Maysen is and how much like Jack, Maelle is. Macy seems to have Hailey's crazy and wild little personality and Maelle seems to have Jack's quieter and more adventurous sure will be fun to see them grow into their personalities and see if they change as they get older.
As each month goes by my little babies become less and less like babies and more and more like big kids...I think this month is just one more chink in the chain of them proving that they're not babies, anymore. sigh! I guess it is easier to see them grow up and get bigger since they seem to get more adorable and cute as they grow!! :) 

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