Thursday, January 17

my boy

you can tell I used to be a "stunt girl" in can tell that my son weighs next to can tell that he is fearless and will try anything
you can tell all this because I taught him to do this trick and he loves it!! 
he's constantly begging to do his trick for everyone we meet :) 
my boy says the funniest stuff- here's some of the latest:
as answer to his sister saying hi to him, "I am super Jack, say HI to super Jack, not just Jack"
in answer to me telling him if he got out of bed again his daddy would have to come in and discipline him, "that not be good for anybody. not good for clifford, not good for Jack, not good for daddy, not good for tigger, not good for anybody. I stay in bed"
"I wanna buy Hailey a fairy, because it has wings and is so pretty and Hailey so pretty and like to wear wings"
"mommy, I'm not scared anymore" why, Jack "because Jesus is holding my hand"
"are the deer gonna come and eat us when all the grass is gone"?
"I smell a poopy diaper- that's gross"
"get these babies away from me. they're wrecking stuff"
"look, my poop, green, that my favorite color"
"momma, you get Jesus out of my heart- He squishing my tummy"
"if God in heaven- where santa"
"when I bigger then I get play ponies with Hailey?"
"I wanna be a daddy and a mommy when I bigger- I be a worker and have a baby in my tummy" ;)
"you marry me momma?" "no, Jack, I already am married to daddy" "when Daddy gone, then you marry me" -ahhh, I just love this kid!


  1. Sounds like Korey and I when we were little too..."mommy, will you marry me" And whenever she said no, our hearts sank! ah, the depth of LOVE. I'm glad you are writting this stuff down! :) too cute!!

  2. thats just adorable! i love his huge smiles in the pictures!

  3. Haha he's too cute! I often hear the get these babies away :-D