Tuesday, January 15

wild thing

"you make my heart sing...wild thing, I think I love you"
we love our little twinnies...but, they have become absolutely crazy these days. They're always doing something crazy and wild. Here are just a few cutesy stories: 
we had let them down from their highchairs, while the rest of us finished up supper, when all of the sudden Maelle's little head poked up over the table- she had crawled up the chair- just to check things out! 
Today, Korey was sitting on the couch and all the sudden Maelle climbed up on the coffee table and just stood there- staring at him! 
Maelle is always doing things to be funny, she often tries to do a somersault and its hilarious, she never manages to flip herself over, but she loves to look upside down between her legs and giggle at the rest of us. 
Maysen decided to climb in the cart, while Maelle pushed her around (ok, she may have had a little help with this one...daddy...)
we all love to wrestle and play "get me" downstairs and Maysen is finally getting the hang of it. Hailey and Jackson had pinned Korey down and Maysen came right on over and very carefully sat on his head!
Maysen's new favorite way to crawl around the house is with her head on the ground- it's also Maelle's favorite way to see her crawl- she laughs and laughs at her. 
Hailey's figured out how to get an audience- she gets the m&m's to go in Jack's room, helps them crawl up on the bed and then she puts on a show of dancing and singing and they sit on his bed and clap for her. 
Maysen climbed into this tote and Maelle thought it looked fun, so she decided to join her...aren't they precious?! I'm thinking we're gonna store them in it more often! 
these girls are some crazy wild kind of fun!! They keep us all laughing, all the time!! Life doesn't really get much better than laughing and giggling with and at these precious little things all day long. 

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