Friday, January 4

little sprites

my little sprites seem to be learning new things every day!
Macy's been getting better and better at her small motor skills...building with bocks, putting glasses and necklaces on and off, putting little people in and cars and trucks and zooming them all over the place, saying mama and dada and hi. It's been fun to watch her learn new tricks and I love to hear her say "hi dada"!
Ellie's also been learning some new tricks...hers are mostly climbing and doing kind of tricks...she's the smallest of my little sprites and she's so darn cute walking all over our house! I can't get over how adorable it is to turn around and see her gingerly stepping around our house. The other adorable thing she's learning to do is climb...I swear every time I turn around this little sprite is on top of a chair, a stool, the table or the counter! I don't think there's anywhere this little one can't go! She's also saying mama and dada...super cute!
I love this picture of them napping together. I'm so happy that our girls love to sleep together, I think that's one of the best parts of having twins-seeing this when I go to check on them...that, and knowing that they have each other and find comfort in each other- it makes my heart happy!!
both girls are getting so good at going up and down the stairs these days- it's crazy! The good thing is that it's easier on me not to carry them both all the time...the bad thing is that they're fast and they can get up the stairs in no time, so I spend more and more time chasing after them! (or I just let them go upstairs and play by themselves...but, don't tell anyone) ;) 


  1. They're too cute! We haven't had our's sleeping in the same crib since they were 4 months old. I'm not brave enough to try and put them together lol

    1. hahaha, Jess, I don't think I would be brave enough to try it later on, either, or with 3! For some reason our girls just have always loved sleeping together. We were in the hospital with Maelle for 2 nights when they were 2 months old and neither one of them slept unless Korey and I were holding them and we've not split them up since then...