Sunday, January 20

It's a birthday party!

 Hailey's gonna be 4 on Tuesday, so we had a little family party for her on Saturday! The theme was "pink, pink, pink" and she loved every minute of it! The cake was beautiful, the snacks were yummy and we all had a good time. :) Hailey may have spent most of the morning waiting for everyone to come and I think her favorite part was opening the presents! (Jack, of course, couldn't wait for birthday cake) :) 
If a fun birthday party with all of her favorite people wasn't awesome enough- after we put the babies and Jack down for a nap we headed out shopping for a little flower girl dress!! I think she loved every minute of that, as well! Only her mommy was mortified that she hadn't worn any underwear that day...
she twirled and smiled and giggled and laughed...I think she was born to be a princess! 
all this fun is more and more evidence that my baby girl is truly growing up! I can't believe how big she is, now. I think I'm in denial...the time has just flown by so quickly- too quickly!! 

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  1. It goes way to fast....they go from babies to ladies too soon!