Monday, January 28


I turn 30 next month and my sweet friends decided to surprise me with an early birthday party! It was one of the sweetest and most fun nights of my life. I couldn't even sleep when i got home...possibly from all the sugar and coffee I consumed, but I choose to believe that I was on such a huge happiness high that it took me a good portion of the night to come down from it! :) 
Unbeknownst to me, Korey was in on the plan, but he apparently forgot, because around noon he tried to convince me not to go because the weather was going to be too bad. My poor friend, Kristina, had to think quickly on her feet when I texted her and tried to change the time- luckily one of the husband's called Korey and had him changing his mind. I guess that just shows how gullible I am, because when he suggested that I put on cute clothes and get dressed up to go and have a great time I just thought I had married the best man alive and thought for sure he had just realized how desperately I needed a night out :)  (he really is the best man alive- just in case you were wondering- he not only sent me out, watched the kids, but did the laundry and cleaned up the house, too) 
The best part of the whole night was that it just kept getting better and better...all I knew was that a friend of mine invited me to go to out for coffee with her- something I was totally looking forward to- but it got better and better, as the night wore on. Erica and Amanda met us at the coffee shop and I thought that was a huge surprise and blessing, but after that we went to another restaurant, where there were more friends waiting, had appetizers and moved on to another restaurant for dinner where more friends were waiting and then moved on to my dear friend's house, where there was a beautiful cake and wonderful apple cider waiting! It was such a blessing for me and it touched my heart with all of the thoughtfulness that went into the whole night. My heart was so in need of some good girl time and it was provided in a special way, last night. If I were a crier I can guarantee that I would have been bawling my eyes out the entire night...but, since I'm not all I could do was smile and thank God for the huge blessing of such great friends. I would not have survived this last year of my life without the support, love, encouragement and helpfulness of these dear ladies. It truly should have been me taking them out as a thank you for being such blessings to my life, but instead they gave and gave some more when they chose to bless me in such a fun way!! I wish I could turn 30 every year :) 


  1. Jenni: I am SO happy the great surprise turned out so sweetly!!! You deserved every moment of the celebration and I know your girlfriends delighted in helping you remember how much you are loved, appreciated, and admired! I'm sure you will remember your 30th birthday for many, many years to come!!! Love you!!! Dorothy :-)

    1. It definitely felt like much more than I deserved!! blessed beyond measure is how I consider myself!!