Tuesday, July 3

we are blessed

6 years ago when we bought an older house in an older neighborhood in a quaint little town we had no idea how blessed we were! We bought our house from a little old lady, who's daddy built the house for her and she gave us a good deal because we were a young couple, just starting out and she envisioned us filling it up with children! :) (good thing she saw what we didn't...) We thought that was the biggest blessing- boy we were wrong. The biggest blessing is our neighbors. First we met the ones accross the street- Dave and Terrae. Turns out that their kids are all around the same age as Korey and I and we just fell in love with them. Dave introduced Korey to duck hunting- which I'm not sure I'm happy about...but, Terrae introduced me to her wonderful daughters and one of my best friends, another neighbor- Sheila.(who also happens to have 2 sons, the older of which my children LOVE) Sheila has driven me to the hospital while in labor, taken thousands of pictures of our family, allowed me to cry on her shoulder and watched my kids on numerous occasions. (not to mention the fact that they have a pool that we get invited over to use often) Then, there's the people next door, who Hailey and Jack love to watch- they actually sit like little birds on a little bench saying, "Hi Tom! Hi Marlene" and updating us on what they are doing in their backyard :) The best thing Tom and Marlene have is a grandson named Garrett (at least if you ask Hailey)! Probably the best couple we met, though (for our kids), are the neighbors behind us- Uncle Bob and Karen! They absolutely LOVE Bob and Karen and I'm fairly certain that the feelings are mutual!! :) Hailey and Jack just love Bob's garden and the fact that they keep snacks for them in their fridge, programmed nick jr into their favorites on their tv, own a four wheeler and a riding lawn mower and whenever mommy needs a break they invite the kiddos over for an hour! It's wonderful for all of us! They've babysat for me when I'm in a pinch and Bob is a retired lineman, so he understands Korey's job and how hard it is to be a mom left on your own. Here's Bob with 2 of our little princesses :) 
God really knew what He was doing when He led Korey and I to this quaint "older" little neighborhood! These neighbors have been an incredible blessing in our life and I hope that we have blessed them as much as they have all blessed us! 

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