Friday, July 20


I have found that one of the best things about having all your kids really close in age is the amount of fun that you get to have! We seriously have tons and tons of fun over here these days. (and get less and less done around the house...) The m&m's are getting to be big enough to go for longer between feedings, take only 2 naps a day and enjoy people watching. Hailey and Jack are finally big enough to do stuff. And, Korey and I are loving it like crazy! 2 Fridays in a row we did fun things and 2 Fridays in a row we got our kids put in bed, looked at each other and said, "is this our life?? that was too easy and actually fun?!" woohoo (as Hailey would say) I love our busy, crazy and super fun little life!! (oh yeah, and in case you think we do amazing things...our "fun stuff"=taking a family trip to fleet farm, picking out a treat and heading to the park for a picnic and playing on the swings and slide) ;) 

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