Thursday, July 26

8 months

AHHH! The girlies are 8 months! I missed it yesterday :) They've been up to so much that life here is moving 100 miles a minute!
Since they've been eating a lot of finger food and "feeding" themselves (aka smooshing food all over themselves and their highchairs) it's been easier to just stick them in the sink instead of trying to wash them up with a wash cloth, so they've been getting a lot more baths than usual!! So, they've been pretty much eating everything that Hailey and Jack are- the crusts of pb and j sandwiches, bananas, frozen yogurt bites, noodles, green beans, anything smooshy and small :) but both of their absolute favorites is saltine crackers or graham crackers! 
When i went to take pictures of the girls today, I put Maysen on the floor and let her crawl while I got Maelle ready...she proceeded to chew up her sticker...oh well, she was cute while she did it :) 
Maelle wasn't a huge fan of sitting and looking at the camera- Hailey tried to get her attention, but it's hard to wrangle a 3 year old so that she can wrangle an 8 month old ;)
 these little girls are moving all over the place!! They are crazy busy all the time...I spend so much time just following them around, pulling stuff out of their mouth! Today they celebrated their 8 month birthday, a little late, by working together to get Maelle's diaper off, taking the poop out and eating it! (yes, you did read that right...) gross, huh?! :( blech!! I almost threw up, but they didn't seem bothered by it. I think we're really in for it as they get moving more and more...
They finally have enough hair so that I can put the clips right onto their hair, instead of putting a headband on first! yay for more hair :)
 My two precious ones! 
The girls weigh in at:
Maysen- 14lbs 8oz
Maelle 14lbs 3oz 
(at least that's what our scale at home says) :)
they're taking 2 good naps a day- one @ 9am and one @ 12:30, sometimes the second one is even over 2 hours!! woohoo for nice naps! 
go figure- Maelle is sick, again, this month! poor thing...
they go to bed at 7 and play in their bed for about 1/2 hour
they nurse about 5 times a day and are working on sippy cups, but haven't quite fallen in love with them yet! (and, yes...I am still nursing- no plans to stop, yet) :)
we're all loving these little ones.
In Hailey's words, "thank you God for our twinnies"

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