Sunday, July 29

on the up and up...

Finally us Konietzki's are on the other side of whatever sick bug it was that hit last week! This is what the kids looked like Friday morning...
 this is Hailey Friday night...I don't think she's sleeping, but I'm not entirely sure she's fully awake, either! On Saturday, late afternoon she actually said to Korey, "I can't wait until I can go to bed tonight" 
whatever this cold and flu bug is that we got, I'm certainly thankful it's almost done. Even I took a nap two days in a row and that's basically unheard of!  
Jackson had it the worst...poor kid is still not back to his old self, but he's well on his way- thankfully! This morning he had an absolute fit about his chair being in the wrong place and then wanting a different color straw for his smoothie and who really even knows what else- all I know is that it was completely out of character and it lasted over an hour and it left all of us praying that he feels a ton better after he wakes up from his nap!! 

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