Sunday, July 15

balloon rally fun

On Friday night the Konietzki clan invaded the balloon rally and it was a blast!! When Korey and I got in the car on the ride home we were shocked...we could NOT believe how wonderful all our kids behaved, how much fun we all had, and just how relaxed about it we both were! AMAZING!!! 
It was a little sad that it was too windy for most of the balloons to blow up, but we did get to see one, and the kids didn't seem to mind at all! We did get to ride ponies, jump in a bouncy house, watch pig races, and see a nemo balloon! (not to mention navigate the fun and adventurous sport of checking out the porta-potties numerous time- Hailey went in one and said, "mom, let's choose a different one- it's gross in here!" too bad it doesn't get any better, Hailey) ;) My favorite part of all, though, was when Hailey got too tired of walking and decided that she'd hold Jackson on her hap and ride in the stroller with him. It was incredibly precious seeing them all snugged in there together giggling and having such a great time!! 

usually Hailey is our huge horse lover, but after Jackson's first ride I think he's hooked, too! He laughed and giggled and just had such a great time the whole ride. He was so cute. He even said to me, "I touch it, momma??" He just loved his horsey ride so much!! 

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