Thursday, July 12

double bath-time

usually bathing the twins is a dreaded chore for see, it starts out all cute and fun, but then it slowly disintegrates. While they're in the water they're so cute, so fun and they really love it! That's where the  bad part comes in- they HATE to get out! Good thing I took some pictures of them in the water instead of the screaming and crying and carrying on that went on after they came out, huh?! ;) 
these are both of Maysen- Maelle didn't want her "single" photo taken- she kept looking away from the camera :)

look at this little tongue. isn't it cute? Maysen has been rolling her tongue all around, these days, and it's absolutely adorable :)
probably the only pictures cuter than babies in the bathtub are babies while they're sleeping :) 

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