Wednesday, July 18

sometimes matter how many psalms I sing
no matter how many cups of coffee I drink 
no matter how many times I say, "it's not always gonna be like this"
no matter how many times I remember that I begged for children
no matter how many times I praise God for my life
no matter how many kisses and hugs I get
no matter how many thank you's and sweet smiles come my way
no matter how many walks we take
no matter how much sleep I've gotten the night before
sometimes no matter what...
I just gotta admit it-
I'm tired,
I'm weary
I'm worn out!
I can only change so many diapers
listen to so much whining
answer to so many, "mom look at this"
rock so many kids
have so many dance parties
pull so much stuff out of my babies' mouth
break up so many fights
correct and discipline so many times
sing so many lullabyes
nurse so many babies
take so many walks
carry so many kids around 
make so many meals
hold so many tiny hands
clean up so many messes
get so many glasses of milk
answer so many "demands"
fulfill so many needs
before I just gotta admit it-
I need a break...
and I'm going to Target :)
good luck, honey!


  1. Wow, this sounds like my blog from today! Yep. Target is therapy!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH sometimes! Hope a little "shopping therapy" helped that day, friend!!

  2. hahaha, this picture looks JUST like one from Korey & I when we grew up!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!