Monday, July 9

beach time!

We took Maysen and Maelle on their first trip to the beach on Sunday and it was a blast for everyone!! 
(sorry that there are more pictures of the babies than the other two...Hailey was hard to catch "still" and I was mostly worried about Jackson not drowning) :)
I'm pretty sure that Maelle had more fun eating the sand than anything else!
Jack even really enjoyed the water...because of all the warm weather the water was fairly warm and he could touch a long ways out, so it wasn't so intimidating! The best part was that he went around on his hands saying "swim, swim, swim" as if that somehow made him a real swimmer ;)

Hailey was absolutely adorable- she kept calling the beach a big swimming pool with a sandbox :)

I love nothing better than a fun family day!! (especially when it involves tons of sand and water) :)

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