Tuesday, July 17

it's all about perspective...

this is what I think my life looks like- all my kids nicely sitting on the floor, having a nice little snack and reading books together...

 in reality this is what it looks like more often than not- 3 girls crying and screaming and whining about something and 1 little boy just doing his own thing (and a random dog just hanging out looking for leftover food to clean up) ;) Ok, really, Maysen and Maelle are fairly happy babies and usually Jack is right there along with Hailey throwing a fit about not getting the sippy cup he wants or the snack that he chose...but, there's usually a kid or 2 crying or whining around here :)
does your reality always match up with what's in your head?? I'm thankful that what my mind sees is better than my reality...sometimes it's nice to be a slightly naive mom, don't ya think??

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