Sunday, February 5


I apologize about the lack of posts lately! Our computer got a virus and it was out of commission for a while! (and, to be honest, with everything else going on- fixing it just didn't take first place in our life) :)
 We've been a busy family around here, lately! On the up-side- Maysen and Maelle are both feeling a TON better and Maelle got a clean bill of health from the doctor on Wednesday, so we're all back to normal here!! 
We've been enjoying all the nice weather by getting outside and making some snowmen. We even took a walk yesterday with our quadruple stroller and Korey and I both got a good workout pushing it around the slushy roads! :) I'm thinking a few more walks and I'll have all this baby weight worked off!!  
 both the older kiddos were just so happy to finally be let out of the house! they ran around like crazy and  threw huge fits when it was time to go in...too bad for all of us that winter is going to last a little longer! 
 Hailey thought this one was a kitty snowman, but in reality Korey put big ears on the Jackson snowman...hehehe... :)
Jack kept trying to push the snowmen over...what a little bugger, eh?! :) 
Thanks to all of you that prayed for our littlest baby! We appreciated the prayers and she improved so quickly that I was completely blown away! 

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