Sunday, February 5

2 months

Maysen and Maelle are 2 months (10 weeks) old!!
 Our little May-May (her sister wasn't happy getting her picture taken)

both girls are starting to hold their heads up better and are getting a lot stronger with their legs, too!

sleeping is still a huge part of both girls days and they enjoy doing it wherever and whenever- they're such good babies :)

Maelle is smiling like crazy these days! (as is Maysen) :)

I'm so proud of my two little girlies on how far they've come and how much they've grown in the past 2 months! They are such great, easy going babies, they rarely cry and even their crabby times can easily be relieved by just holding them. They both weigh around 9lbs, with Maysen weighing a few ounces more, but Maelle seems to be in a growth spurt, so I'm sure she'll be catching up soon :)

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