Saturday, February 18

it's exhausting work...

being a baby at the Konietzki house!
 there's all the eating, playing, smiling, looking, giggling, cooing, diaper filling, bath taking, but other than all that "everyday stuff" there are days when your brother throws up on you and the exhaustion ups itself a notch! :) 
 yup, you read that right...yesterday was one of "those" days that the Konietzki house! luckily for Maysen and Maelle, mommy was there to bounce them and cuddle them to sleep after their "scary" ordeal! 
poor M and M had to get their shots in the morning, so they were pretty wore out, crabby and exhausted from that...then, their big brother decided to help them feel better about the shots by giving them something to really cry about :) You see, Korey was gone, and I had sat down to feed the girlies when Jack walked over and threw up a little, but luckily (or so I thought) I caught it in my hand...then I started thinking to myself, what am I gonna do with this puke in my hand I have two babies attached to me and both my hands are used...then, it ceased to be an issue because the amount of throw up that came after that was more than enough to get both the girls, completely soak mommy and still have a lot leftover for the floor and couch! It no longer seemed important what to do with the stuff in my hand- I just wiped it on my already coated pants. Needless to say the girls were NOT happy and didn't want to stop eating long enough for me to clean up Jack and myself (not to mention them)! So, we just propped them up on whatever we could find to give them each a little bottle! (and figured we'd clean them up later, when life settled down a little bit- which turned out to be a good idea since when I picked up Maysen she proceeded to throw up what seemed like her entire bottle all over herself and me) 
then, my poor sick little boy got all stripped down and given a bath during which he promptly decided he also had some diarrhea (poor kid was just miserable) and set in front of the tv to watch blues clues until mommy could clean up the bathtub, the house, and herself enough to get him off to bed! I don't know if our couch or our floor will ever be the same after this winter and all these colds and flues we seem to be getting at our house, but I'm so thankful that the little covers come off and are machine washable- that made cleaning up the couch so much easier! 
I'm so incredibly thankful that my mom in law was here to help us out yesterday morning, because poor Jack just wasn't himself all day and was definitely having some HUGE tummy issues! I don't think I realized how much nicer it was to have Hailey sick, because at least she can tell me when she has to throw up, when her tummy is feeling icky, and sort of try to hit the bucket! (plus, she gets calm and sits nicely when she's sick and Jack just got all antsy and ran all over the house making himself sicker...) 
Luckily, Korey came home fairly soon after it all fell apart- we all survived and no one was too worse for the wear and both the girlies had a good excuse to have a bath!! :) 

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