Wednesday, February 1

the littlest Konietzki

last week our little baby Maelle gave us quite a scare and got to spend a few days in the hospital- getting some spoiling from her mommy and the nurses!
It was just a God-send that it was last Tuesday and my mom came up to help us out, because she immediately saw the signs of pneumonia and scared me enough that I called the doctor and got her in right away...she never came home from the doctor's office- she just went straight to the hospital. In fact, it was another huge God-send that a good friend of mine from highschool is the nurse at our office, because she rode with me to the hospital to keep an eye on Maelle and keep the oxygen in her nose and I think that had she not come it would have been a ride in the ambulance for her, so Amanda not only saved me a lot of fear and tears and a very scary ride, but a lot of $. (that one was huge for Korey) :)

it took them 5 pokes to be able to find a vein good enough to hold her IV and she was such a trooper- or was just that sick, because she barely cried!

the hardest part for both of us (mainly me...) was being away from Maysen. For the first day we didn't want to bring Maysen up because we didn't want to have her get sick, but by the second day she was already starting to get pretty sick, so she spent a lot of time up there with Maelle and I after that!

the bed looked so big...but, with both babies it seemed a lot less huge and daunting!
Our church sent over some balloons and a cute little stuffed doggie for her and Hailey and Jack made her two get well soon snowmen! :) (it's a good thing the ladies in the office sent two balloons, because as soon as we got home Hailey and Jack became convinced that the balloons were meant for them and two balloons= less crying and fighting) :)

we were very well taken care of in the hospital and Hailey and Jack were super well taken care of by their Grandma's and Grandpa's, but we were all happy to be home!!

I think my baby girls really missed each other, because they got home and immediately snuggled up in their pack 'n play, grabbed hands and fell fast asleep!
I just thank God that He had everything under control and had it all planned out so well from the beginning! He provided my mom's wisdom to have me take her in before she got any sicker, He provided her there to stay with the other two kiddos, so I could take the babies to the doctor and she was able to then take Hailey and Jackson home with her so that we didn't have to worry about them while we were trying to get our littlest one well! After it is all said and done I can truly say, "thanks be to God who has not rejected my prayer"!!

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