Monday, February 20

12 weeks

here are some cute pictures of our sweet little sissies :) Not sure how much they weigh these days, but I'm guessing for sure around 10lbs! they are growing like crazy and getting so good at so many things. They're also getting a little "routine" and that has helped all of us over here out a lot
 Maysen is wearing the pink bow and Maelle is wearing the white bow
 can you believe these blue eyes?? I just can't get over them!

 even her tongue sticking out can't make this little girl any less cute :)

 Maelle just loves her tummy
 I just love how their both sucking on their fingers in this picture...

 it's getting easier and easier to see how much of a blessing it is to have twins at our house and I'd say that all of us are enjoying them more and more these days! I know that them sleeping through the night and taking good naps during the day has really helped me enjoy them more :) (or at least be more awake to appreciate them more)
I love these little girls so much and can't get enough of their snuggles and cuddles. I can't believe that they've only been a part of our family for 12 weeks...I feel like I can't even remember what life was like without them! 

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